About Us

I have been a chiropractor for over thirty years having received my license in 1975 after graduating from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles. I have since been in private practice and have had offices in the San Fernando Valley. Additionally, I have had offices in Santa Monica and San Francisco.

I am a second generation chiropractor, my father was a pioneer in chiropractic having been in the field since 1923.

My emphasis has always been on finding the best techniques in chiropractic to aid my patient to achieve optimum health. It is my goal to assist as many people as possible to obtain better health and maintain it through the philosophy, science and art of chiropractic, and the application of its principles to their lives and my own.

I have always been active in the community having served on the board of trustees for a small local college for eight years and involved in numerous civic events, such as health fairs.

I have serve on the Board of Trustees of a local church and am active in a local Masonic Lodge.

I have spoken about chiropractic to many local clubs and groups and I am available for speaking engagements locally. In the past I have taught anatomy and physiology at a local college for five years.

I have received training in numerous chiropractic techniques including: Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT), Gonstead, Goodheart’s Applied Kinesiology, crainial adjusting, extremity adjusting, Activator, Reichian therapy, and many more. I am constantly looking for new ways to treat and assist my patients. To that end, I regualrly attend classes and seminars to increase my knowledge.
Curcuruto Chiropractic